I’m eating healthy and I’m not losing weight.

WTF I’ve been eating so healthy and this belly fat won’t shift.

I’m already eating less than 1200 calories why have I plateaued?


I can’t tell you the amount of times that I see and hear women saying these things. I’d bet my left shoe that at some stage in the game you’ve asked yourself or said something to the extent of the above haven’t you?

I’d say probably about 8 or 9 women out of ten will struggle with those thoughts and as a result will continue cruising along, while 1 or 2 out of 10 women will actually have the fundamentals of fat loss down packed and know what really matters to achieve a tight and toned body.

If you’re looking to break the plateau you’re in and are keen to go beyond just eating healthy and want to know why just eating like that can only get you so far, watch the video below and enjoy the knowledge bombs!



So eating healthy hey…

What I’m hoping you’ve realised is that it can mean a million and one different things and thats just based on the extent of information you’ve drawn from social media/ online/ books, and crafted your own version of what it means to you in your head, and been rolling with it for however long applies to you.

Clearly if eating healthy was the way to go then everyone would be walking the beaches and streets flaunting their stuff…But nope obesity continues to rise despite the fact we know more than ever before…people are walking blind amongst a see of information and are are more confused than ever because of it with how much contradicts…Which from my own experience and seeing it happen in countless clients and people I’ve spoken with; this can lead to binge eating disorders and actually gaining weight if you don’t get your shit sorted and learn the fundamentals of fat loss properly.

As mentioned in the video if you’d like to take your fat loss to the next level and learn the art of flexible fat loss, so that you can leave your current struggle and lack of results and restriction behind, then click HERE and tee up for a 1-1 dream body breakthrough call with me and I’ll show you as much love and value as I can in our chat so that you get the results you deserve and then some!

Just eating healthy was a BIG reason why my old coaching client Clare had been stuck for so long before we stared working together. Check out her amazing results but more importantly hear her journey and personal game changers in a live interview I did with her just HERE. 


Thanks so much for tuning in,

Angus of Boss Fitness