Bet you didn’t expect to see a blog telling you why you need to be selfish…

I’m a firm believer that by prioritising YOU more, then you’ll make your internal and external world so much more better in the process.

We live in a world where it’s hustle 24/7, constantly doing, always on the move, which means that amongst it all we can fall into the trap of putting ourself on the back burner which will only come back to bite you down the track.

I want to share with you WHY and HOW you should embrace being more selfish as you make more effort in looking after #1, watch this video and enjoy the knowledge bombs that await!



Are you ready to be selfish? 

Remember that when you take care of yourself first, you show up daily as a healthy, grounded person who can maximise the most out of any day, and be who you need to be for the loved ones in your life without burning out.

If anything, I hope your biggest takeaway from this post is that If you can’t take care of yourself, then you simply can’t care for others to the capacity that you need to. Being selfish is critical.

If you struggle with the aspect of prioritising your nutrition as you go about looking after yourself and building a healthier and happier lifestyle then check THIS out where you’ll see me rock out a live interview with the single mum powerhouse Emily Hartley who shares her personal game changers which hopefully inspire you to greater success.


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