“I just want to lose weight first and then tone up later”

“I’ll eat at 1200 calories so that I can turn this fat into muscle”

“Once I hit my goal weight I’ll feel amazing then”

Welcome to some common sayings that I see and hear from women on a daily basis as an online coach.

On the outside these sayings seem pretty legit as they get thrown around all the time. You’ve probably even thought or said them to yourself at some stage as well?

The thing here though is that if you’re thinking like this you’re setting yourself up for some serious bummers and a world of restriction down the track if you keep it up, along with a load of internal damage.

You see focusing on losing weight OR getting skinny is NOT a perspective you want to be coming from.

I want to share with you why thinking this way is a BAD IDEA and what you should do instead.

Watch the short video below to find out!

And there you have it!

Getting skinny or focusing on weight loss isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Hopefully what you’ve realised is that having this sort of outlook on things will actually cause you to get fatter in the long run.

But now you’ve got some steps you can implement to shift your focus and take yourself down a different path to one that leads towards the milk and honey 😉

I would love to know about what your experience with having weight loss/getting skinny as your focus has been, and we can work together to take that focus to the next level to achieve real lasting results for you. If you’re ready to learn how to take your transformation to new heights just like LILY DID IN THIS INTERVIEW WE HAD TOGETHER then lets tee up for a 1-1 dream body breakthrough call together HERE and pinpoint whats been holding you back from unstoppable results!


Signing off,

Angus ‘Aint nobody got time for getting skinny’ Fairbairn