As a society we seem to be cutting out all sorts of things from our diets these days.

For a while it was cutting out fat.

Next it was carbs, and then it was sugar.

Now there’s all sorts of shit going on at once with people going vegan or paleo with the big guns being people completely cutting out GLUTEN, despite most of them not actually having Coeliac disease or any intolerance to it at all.

If you’re considering cutting out gluten in favour of boosting your fat loss then watch this video to see what I have to say about it.



If you choose to cut out Gluten thinking it’s going to make you feel like a million bucks and shred body fat like tender beef falling off a rib then that’s up to you.

You always have a choice, and you’re always in control of your actions.

I’m all for cutting out things if you’re allergic to them or they make you feel physically ill and like shit or if it goes against your personal values…

But if you’re cutting things out for the sake of it then I think you should ask yourself if you can see yourself continuing to live without it for years to come…If you can’t then it’ll be wise to re-think your decision.


One of my coaching clients Zoe used to do this across the board with cutting out all sorts of things, but nothing ever lasted beyond a few weeks which obviously sabotaged her results and got her nowhere.

Click HERE to listen to an awesome interview I did with her where discuss the game changers for her that allowed her to transform her body and lifestyle by actually eating the things she was cutting out on a daily basis.

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Angus of Boss Fitness