Back in the day I used to hop on the Google machine to chat with the Doctor himself and ask this question above pretty much every single week…

When we want results and want them in a way where it’s quick and doesn’t require a crazy amount of effort, no wonder this is one of the most commonly asked health/fitness related questions on the internet.

There’s a huge bummer behind this way of thinking though which when I realised it, it changed the game for me, allowed me to change my thinking and relationship with food, and as a ripple effect of all of this my results pretty much went on autopilot!





What are your thoughts on dieting now from listening to this?

Hopefully you can see that there’s a bit more to fat loss than meets the eye…

I’m a big believer that eating less just as a general focus isn’t really good enough for building a tight and toned body.

And because of the amount of people that do this, you’d think the obesity epidemic would be entirely different to¬†what it is now, but nope it’s not.

So this should tell us something in the way that just eating less probably isn’t the best way to go about it…And neither is dieting.

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