In the following video, I interview one of my young powerhouse online coaching clients 24 year old Lily, who smashed her original getting toned goals, which lead us to setting new goals, crushing them and taking her progress to new heights.

In this interview we discuss the game changers for Lily that helped her trust and embody the lifestyle of flexibility so that she could safely rebuild her relationship with food and get leaner that she’s ever been while eating more and training less.

The thing I love most about this interview is that you’ll learn that Lily has been lean before having previously competed in an INBA competition but wasn’t able to sustain any of that, which had her then entering the world of binge and stress eating…We got her leaner in a far more enjoyable and sustainable way which has lily looking and feeling her best.

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Angus of Boss Fitness Want to see Lily’s epic before and after progress photos? Contact out page directly and be prepared to have your mind blown!