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Moral of the story within this post is to make it clear to you through a few different SUPER COMMON scenarios why you aren’t losing weight, and what you can do about it to solve the problem.

You see the process of fat loss should be fun- it should be enjoyable- and if you’ve got all the boxes ticked, you should be seeing weight shift at a rate of 200-900 grams or 0.5% body fat per week, along with drop in measurements, along with changes in what you see staring back at you in the mirror.

Not seeing the fruits from your labour?

Watch the video below and take note of what the growth killer is that’s holding you back.



So there we go you can now see why you’re not seeing all your hard work pay off. It’s all well and good to be hustling away like a boss, but if you’re not making the relevant hustle and taking smart action, then your results won’t magically grow on trees lol.

You need to give your body enough valid reason to change and move in the direction that you want it to, otherwise it simply won’t happen, it’ll keep putting up resistance like it’s already doing, and keep you safe.

Big thumbs up to the fact you’ve made some knowledge gains from checking this post out, but if you’re REALLYYYYY keen to properly learn how to nail fat loss, and lose weight without dieting then you’ll loveeeeeeeeee my online course I’ve recently created.

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