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Welcome to part 2 of the biggest health and fitness myths of all time BUSTED blog series.

Hope you enjoyed part 1- that was loads of fun to piece together, and even more fun waiting 9 hours for the content video to upload to Youtube lol.

We covered some epic myths through me dropping some epic knowledge bombs like:

– You must consume protein within 30 minutes after a workout or you’ll lose muscle

– Eating after dark will cause the fat gain

– Lifting heavy turns women into masculine men

And loads more! If you haven’t checked it out yet you can click HERE to tune in for all the knowledge bombs.

Super excited to share part 2 with you today, make sure you’re in the zone as you take it all in with what I have to say, or if you’re keen to listen in on specific myths, then check out the index time line below the video to see which times of the video I’m covering what.

Let’s get into it!




1:45— Eating low GI is the way to go

4:04— Going gluten free will speed up rate of fat loss

5:40— You should be hurting and sweating from every workout as a sign the workout was successful

6:54— Eating spoonfuls of coconut oil will help you lose weight

8:28— If you lift weights while overweight you’ll never lose weight

9:44— Food source matters far more than quantity

12:27— You need supplements and multivitamins to stay healthy

14:08— The body can only process 40g of protein at a time

15:51— Artificial sweeteners are the devil

17:50— Deep squatting is bad for your knees

19:08— Your body can’t utilise the calories from junk food

20:47— Glutamine and BCAAs are essential if you lift heavy

21:51— Have a cheat meal every week to boost fat loss and sanity

24:04— Don’t eat too much fruit it has too much sugar

25:04— Organic produce is better than store bought

26:28— Avoid produce in jars or packets as they contain sweeteners and preservatives

28:17— You need fat burners to overcome plateaus

29:37— Anything thats labelled natural or guilt free is good for you

30:26— Going vegan or vegetarian is the best way to lose weight

31:37— Processed foods house negative calories that the body cant use

32:53— Superfoods

34:06— You can’t drink alcohol during fat loss

35:12— Brown rice is better than white rice/ brown bread is better than white bread


And there we go another round of myth busting action!

I’ll tell you what, I wish I was taught and shown this at the start of my transformation. Would have saved me loads of time, money, turmoil, and confusion that’s for sure!

With the black and white, raw and real knowledge bombs you’ve received within part 2 of this myth busting series I hope this has made you feel now more certain about yourself and your journey, and opened your eyes to just how simple health and fat loss can be.

If you are feeling worse off after taking in all these knowledge bombs, then hey lets change that! Get in touch with me for a 1-1 call by clicking HERE and I’ll help you out as best I can to get you moving in the right direction.


Much love,
Angus ‘Myth busting King’ of Boss Fitness