I’m not a fan of emails and social media posts where they talk about what the best fat burning foods are.

Im also a hater of when people say that you need to eat a certain amount of meals per day to lose body fat or that if you miss a meal your body will go Catabolic and start turning muscle into fat.

This sort of stuff makes me face palm myself almost on a daily basis because I know that people that are new to the fat loss world and starting out their journey fresh/ those who have plateaued and don’t know how to move forward will fall prey to this sort of BS info.

Want to cut through the hype and really learn what the best foods for fat loss are and how you should structure a day’s eating to set you up for success?

Watch this video and enjoy the Angus knowledge bombs




Soooo fat burning foods hey….

Hopefully watching this video has changed your perception about food and opened your eyes to how simple it can be when you don’t stress and get anal about what you’re eating or when you’re eating it but just focus on the fundamentals instead.

This was a GAME CHANGER for one of my old coaching clients Wendy who had such a heavily warped perception of food before we started our coaching journey together.

Listen in on what changed for her, and how we changed her mind, body, and lifestyle as a whole through what we touch on in a 15 minute interview together which you can listen to HERE. She’s now free of food restriction, free of being stuck in the nutrition BS cloud, and living life in complete flow.


Thanks so much for tuning in and remember the power is within the implementation! That means before you cruise along to what you’re doing next decide on what one thing you’re going to action differently upon you absorbing the knowledge bombs in this blog today!

Angus of Boss Fitness