Ever done a diet in the past in the hope it would solve your problems and allow you to finally get the body you’ve always wanted?

Ever gone from one to the next out of hope that THIS TIME things will be different, that you’ll finally change, solve your problems, master your relationship with food, and see the results from all your hustle and efforts?

Yep of course you have. And this is why 9/10 women will never achieve their true potential or dream body and lifestyle because they’re stuck in the dieting box and following the mainstream BS.

I want to share with you the key reason why pretty much ALL diets will fail you, and shine the light on how you can move forward to become the 1/10 who truly nails it, and becomes an Alpha female.

Watch the video below to find out…




BOOOOOM there it is!

Now you can see why I hate diets so much can’t you? Also because it was something that held me back for so long, and caused some real pain and negative impact the longer that I was stuck in that cycle for!

Now you’ve got awareness of how to move forward and some insight into the HOW which was missing from your scenario. You know what you want, you know why it’s important but the HOW was missing…Question is though can you back yourself 100% to implement this yourself and stick at it to get the consistency required to break those shitty cycles that have held you back in the past?

Likely not…Having rock solid support, mentorship, and accountability as part of proper coaching will change the game for you and move you from where you are to where you want to be faster and more sustainably than whats been happening for you previously. An opportunity to experience time travel if you will lol 😉 Any way what am I getting at?

I’d love to help you personally if this post opened your eyes, and you know you need help to really kill it…To initiate this lets have a chat. Low key, you and me, connecting on your vision and pin pointing whats been holding you back and I’ll pave the way for how we can change things together as a team. If you’re keen click HERE and answer a few questions for me then I’ll be in touch. If not then I hope you found some value from checking this post out and ditch the dieting frame of mind for good!

Much love,

Angus of Boss Fitness