So often in life we play the blame game…

We point the finger at out genetics as to why we cant get lean.

We make up some excuses around time/ resources/ whatever as to why we can’t exercise.

Or we blame the ___________ as to why it’s just too hard.


Truth be told your biggest competition is YOU.

And bonus truth is that the life you have created around you hasn’t just happened to you…YOU have created it through your choices and actions in response to all the curve balls and adversities that life has thrown your way.

Yes there’s some things in life that happen that are out of our control- but in the scheme of things you have so much control over the majority of things in your life.

With this in mind I want to share with you raw and real how you can OWN YOUR SHIT, create awesome outcomes, and achieve anything you set your mind to through what you’ll learn in this video.

It’s time to end the excuses and stop playing the blame game…




How good was that?!

You’ve now got the tools and understanding of how to OWN your mental state and as a flow on effect of that have full ownership over the results and awesome outcomes that you create around you.

If you know though that you struggle with the know how of what to do to master fat loss and create results on autopilot and find that it’s got you plateaued and not really getting anywhere then click HERE where you’ll see a live interview I did with one of my awesome coaching clients Faye as we cover what changed the game for her so that you can create the same change and success!


Thanks so much for tuning in,

Angus of Boss Fitness

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