Leptin…Sounds like the evolved form of a Leopard or something?

Nope- Get this: Leptin is pretty much the most important hormone you’ve never heard of!

If you haven’t done any of your own Dr Youtube or Facebook searching into what impact certain hormones have upon fat loss and overall health, then let me take the reigns for a bit and direct your attention smack bang on the KING OF YOUR FAT LOSS HORMONES which is Leptin.

If you can nail what I’m about to share with you, then you have the missing piece of the puzzle that’ll allow you to achieve the tight and toned physique that you’ve been chasing…But get this wrong, then you’ll be faced with a decreased metabolic weight, increased appetite, and best possible scenario for you,  is that you stay the same despite your best efforts, OR you continue on your merry way toward a skinny fat body

Watch this video below and gain insight into the holy grail of fat loss hormones being LEPTIN.




  •  It controls your metabolism, hunger, and levels of energy expenditure (how much your body burns)
  • The longer that you’ve been rocking out a calorie deficit, then the lower your leptin levels and metabolic rate will drop unless you know how to keep those levels up and stay rock solid
  • Use refeed days strategically to keep Letpin levels high- watch an example of a refeed day full day of eating video HERE.
  • Don’t get caught up in starving yourself or severe calorie restriction as that’ll just muck things up for you
  • Be consistent with your sleep- have a nightly and morning routine in place to keep consistency in town
  • Prioritise heavy lifting and progressive overload rather than cardio slamming

So you want to get tight and toned and have those sexy curves so that you’re sculpted by muscle yeah?
Hopefully now you can see that it’s shitty LEPTIN hormone levels that are the culprit that hold so many people back like yourself from achieving their dream bodies, along with developing Leptin resistance.

Take what I shared with you and get cracking on restoring your levels to where they should be, and stop stressing out with trying to be perfect about all the minor things that won’t really have any big impact upon your results 😉 On the other hand if learning all this has made you conscious of how wrong you’ve been doing things and you’d like to make up for lost time then click HERE and lets have a 1-1 call together to see if and how I can help to get you from A to B like a boss!


Thanks so much for tuning in, would love to hear any questions or comments you have in the section below,

Angus of Boss Fitness


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