The dreaded SKINNY FAT physique is becoming people’s reality so much more now than ever in the past.

You guys are hustling away like troopers with all the action you’re taking but the bottom line here is that:


>> You can eat as clean as clean can be, even eating your clean food while having a shower you’re eating so clean…

>> You can hammer out so much cardio that you’re on point with old mate Forrest Gump….

>> You can get your hands on every supp, powder, and pill that exists under the sun…

>> You can hit up doctor google and youtube all you want for the next best workout to smash out…


And you can still wind yourself up with a skinny fat body for the long run aka where you’ve basically gotten slim, can’t see any muscle tone, you’re soft, and can’t see your abs.

All of this though, can be avoided if you get your shit together and apply yourself properly to what actually matters for building a lean and sexy physique.

Watch this video as I share some knowledge bombs and insight into how to drop weight without getting skinny fat, and what you can be doing to get out of the skinny fat scenario and into tight and toned body glory!



Aint nobody got time for being skinny fat.

Because if you hit your goal weight but achieve a skinny fat body are you going to be happy and fulfilled with how you look, feel, and operate?

NOPE. So if you’re on your journey and know that you’re likely heading down the skinny fat path because you’re doing what I said in the text above, then CHANGE what you’re doing in sync with what I said in the video so that you don’t wind up where you don’t want to be.

You don’t have to be skinny fat. It doesn’t just happen to you.

It’s not dictated by your genes or because you got unlucky with all your clean eating efforts.

It boils down to this:

The less muscle you have, the leaner you have to be to not look skinny fat.

And if you’re like most people, you don’t have very much muscle, which makes it easy for you to be/become skinny fat.

If you do what many people do–very low calorie dieting and tons of cardio–the best you can hope to achieve is looking frail and starved.

If you’re already at skinny fat central HQ, feeling bummed, and are doing all you can to ensure you don’t experience the all to common weight gain rebound, then lets tee up for a chat together, make sure you can move yourself forward safely, and get your metabolism and hormones back to where they should be, so that you’re then gaining muscle and sculpting your way to lean and mean sexy aesthetics. To tee this up with me click HERE.

Thanks so much for tuning in, would love to hear what you found valuable in the comments section below 🙂


Angus of Boss Fitness