“Holy shit how is she so lean while being able to eat pizza and donuts? I’d gain a kilo just looking at food like that!!”

I bet that thought has crossed your mind a few times in the past or maybe even recently. I used to think it all the time myself as well. I was eating super clean, exercising heaps, and doing everything by the books, yet couldn’t shift the stubborn fat and thought I was doomed to stay pudgy, and that my dreams to have a six pack and love how I looked naked were out of reach.

That all changed when I discovered flexible dieting. Where the concept is to embody the existing healthy eating values where you have a balanced relationship with all foods, and expand beyond that to develop a focus now on overall intake of food and thermodynamics so that you supply your body with enough overall calories and macronutrients for the goal at large.

It changes the game when you can truly embody this different yet scientifically proven method of moderation not deprivation eating, but to help you in understanding it, enjoy watching this full day of eating video where i share and show food choices to meet my fat loss intake at the time, so that you can see for yourself how awesome this lifestyle can be.

Some of the foods you’ll see me eating to name a few are me eating at subway, making a mother of all epic salads, and eating a whole cake thats covered in cookiessssss 🙂




How do you feel from watching and seeing for yourself Flexible dieting in action?

Why I love it so much is that it’s ME that gets to choose what I want to eat each day to meet my targets. It’s ME who gets to choose what times I eat based on what’s happening for the day. And its me that chooses how big or small my meals are based on whatever I’m feeling keen for at the time.

Flexibility and moderation will always win over rules and restriction. Sure you might be able to stick to keto/paleo/ whatever diet you’re doing currently for a few more weeks or 6 weeks or so- but lets be honest here- are you truly fulfilled and enjoying eating as you are? Can you see yourself continuing with it for years to come?

Yeah I thought so. If you’re new to this new concept of eating what I’d love to do is chat with you personally to help you out through us having a dream body breakthrough call together. No catch or anything required of you- just my way to be able to hear you out, provide value and insight so you can learn what needs to be done to create change, and if we feel we’re a match then I’ll share with you how together we could rock out as part of me coaching you to success. If you feel this is perfect for where you’re at then click HERE and i’ll be in touch real soon to connect more with you 🙂

Thanks so much for tuning in!
Angus of Boss Fitness