One of the biggest pitfalls in any of the diets trending amongst the health and fitness industry at the moment is the ability to adhere to it with ease.

Lets take a look at these classic examples:
PALEO: Huge reduction in carbs and embrace your inner primal caveman
KETO: Goodbye carbs and hello to loads of fat
CLEAN EATING: Must eat solely nutrient dense foods nothing refined/processed
I QUIT SUGAR: Goodbye sugar.

If you struggle to adhere to the diet/program then you’ll feel like you’re always pushing shit up hill, and you’ll be stuck in a stop/start diet mentality and pattern. And without adherence there’s going to be no progression going on, you won’t be enjoying the journey, you definitely won’t feel fulfilled with what you’re doing = waving goodbye to results 🙁

This is exactly what was going on for Jess before I started working with her. And to add to to the equation she was eating less than 1000 calories a day, slamming heaps of cardio, pretty much living off supps, and whenever she lost weight she’d always be gaining it back just as fast as she lost it.

Oh shit that’s real similar to what you’ve been experiencing isn’t it?!

Click below to watch my full interview with Jess where we uncover the game changers of her journey to inspire and educate you as to what’s possible when you embrace MODERATION not deprivation.

A few of the things you’re going to learn about are:
> How to eat out regularly and remain on track
> How to use any and all foods to meet your fat loss goals
> How to gauge progress beyond just the scale
> How to meal prep meals that don’t take you hours or taste like cardboard

This will be especially super duper awesome for you if you’ve been in the healthy eating/dieting game for a while now and not getting anywhere and wondering why you can’t shake this mother fucker of a plateau OR if you feel you’re just doomed to stay over weight forever!

Holy shit isn’t Jess awesome!
As you’ve now seen Jess is eating double what she was before, doing hardly any cardio, and eats whatever she wants daily to continue making progress even after 6 months of going solo since completing her coaching with me.

One of the biggest things that contributed to Jess achieving her goals so much quicker and sustainably than what she was doing before when going solo was pushing through the fear that comes with reaching out to ask for help…

What was taking her years to achieve was now shortened into mere months through learning how to eat and train smart, working on her mindset, and committing to learning the real fundamentals of true body recomposition.

I haven’t share this with you to toot my own horn, but to show you what’s actually possible when you set your foundations right, and have the proper means in place to be able to kill it.

Flexible dieting/IIFYM will become the mainstream norm to master health and take control over how your body looks, feels, and functions. Conventional dieting methods and standard clean eating etc will become a thing of the past as people realise that it doesn’t solve their problems and won’t be the vessel to allow them to achieve their full potential.

Feeling inspired by seeing Jess’ real and raw and want to learn if/how you can achieve the same?

Fuck yeah of course you are, you’ve just seen proof that it CAN be done, it just comes down to how important your goals are to you, and if you’re willing to genuinely commit to achieving them rather than cruising along just being interested like you’ve probably been in the past before…Let’s tee up for an Alpha breakthrough call together just like I did with Jess initially when our paths first crossed which you can get amongst for free by clicking HERE Or you can even get in touch with the wonder woman herself Jess via facebook to touch base and ask some extra Qs just here

What’s that, you don’t want actual coaching but just want a kickass plan and means to master the flexible fat loss basics within your own time? My ‘How to lose weight without dieting’ online course will be the best means for you to get things rolling like a boss 🙂

Thanks so much for tuning in,

Angus of Boss Fitness