Are you ready for the truth bomb of the century…

Your body couldn’t care less about losing fat.

Yep I said it.

Truth be told your body and mind both HATE CHANGE and would much rather you stay the same your whole life.

We’re built for SURVIVAL and this is just your body’s own instinct at hand to keep you safe.

What this means is unless you do something about it, both your mind and body will happily adapt to chillin like villains and you get to kiss your dream body goals goodbye.

Want to know how to overcome this in knowing what I believe to be the number one growth/ results killer of fat loss?

Watch this video to find out.



Now that you know what the growth killer is what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to let it continue to hold you back and sabotage your success…

OR are you going to own your shit, stop the limiting beliefs, and choose to step up so that you’re able to FLOW with your actions and no longer be met with that consistent resistance.

That choice is yours and I’m hoping you choose the latter.

The mind is a powerful thing. Learn to master it and you can achieve anything in life. Let it rule you and whatever is happening to you know will likely repeat itself in the coming months.

Would love to hear your questions or biggest takeaways from learning the biggest fat loss growth killer. Feel free to drop a comment below and we’ll keep the conversation going! If you’re ready to overcome fear and step into embracing change to achieve your best body and lifestyle then click HERE and let’s have a breakthrough call together!


Be real and be the boss,

Angus of Boss Fitness