“I’m eating 6 small meals a day and not losing weight what’s the deal?”

 “I eat healthy all the time, I don’t understand why my weight isn’t dropping.”

 “I barely ever touch junk food and only eat organic, why can’t I lose this stubborn belly fat?”



Any of the above questions and thought patterns sound like you?

I too was there where you’re bringing the hustle but not getting anywhere and the good old IDGAF thoughts start to sneak there way in.


You’re chasing the holy grail of fat loss, eating clean, cutting out sugar, your cupboard is full of a whole load of different supps and cellulite creams, while your fridge is stocked with organic fruits and veg, yet you’re seeing the scale numbers stay the same if not gradually increasing despite your best efforts…

Depending on your willpower or drive to succeed, i bet my left shoe that eating and living that way can only ever be a short term thing for you, meaning you’re not too much better off than all the other people slaving away dieting.


Watch this video where I share some key insight into how eating less is causing you to weigh more, and what you can do about it to put a stop to this way of restrictive living, and say hello to all the foods again.





How good was that?!

Hopefully it was really eye opening for you!

If you liked that I know you’ll love to learn some more about what your biggest growth killer is when it comes to nailing fat loss. Through coaching hundreds of women in the past and speaking to thousands across my time as a coach I’ve found it usually all comes down to 4 things that are keeping people like yourself stuck. To find out what your growth killer is and have a personal breakthrough as to how to achieve your dream body click HERE.

I’d love to hear what you found most valuable from watching that, or if you have a question to give you some more clarity just drop a comment below and lets keep the conversation going.

Thanks so much for tuning in,

Angus of Boss Fitness