Weights make me bulky, I just do cardio to lose weight and tone up.

If I had a dollar for the amount of times I see stuff like that posted, said to me in a conversation, or as a comment from someone on social media I would be one super rich dude!

The age of the cardio bunny is still going strong. But funny thing is right…

If all this cardio was the way to go with getting tight and toned and looking sexy AF, then why aren’t more people achieving that goal through all their exercise efforts?

Truth be told CARDIO SUCKS FOR FAT LOSS. Watch this knowledge bomb loaded video below to learn why!



So how do you feel about your dear friend cardio now hey?

Take home points from this video so that you have key things to walk away with are:

  • Our bodies are adaptive machines meaning they become more and more efficient at doing things the longer we keep up doing them. So for you to keep doing your cardio you need to increase the frequency of how often you do the activity or increase the duration for how long you’re doing it for = digging yourself into a time hole!
  • More of this going on = more free radicals released in the body but cortisol levels increasing too as testosterone levels drop = counter productive to fat loss. CORTISOL BURNS MUSCLE because it is catabolic
  • Lift weights instead or if you must do cardio because you’ve got a blood bond with it utilise HIIT sparingly where you increase your VO2 max through increasing intensity of sprints and the load you put on your muscles. Unlike resistance training- cardiovascular training doesn’t produce positive changes in muscle size or strength- it will at best increase your endurance capacity. If you love running then find yourself a new hobby because all this cardio slamming will be counter productive for your results over time.

All of this reminds me of a coaching client of mine Emily who used to be a cardio fiend amongst fluctuating motivation which had her doing the same shit over and over but expecting entirely different results. We changed all of that similar to what you’ve learnt today in this blog. If you’d like to hear her game changers along with gaining some insight into getting next level fat loss without dieting click HERE for a live interview I had with Emily recently.




Thanks for tuning in, any questions or comments feel free to drop it below 🙂
Angus “Cardio Hater” of Boss Fitness