“I want to change my entire life and not let this be just another fad or short term diet that I can’t sustain”

“I don’t want my weight to fluctuate anymore- I’m sick of all the ups and downs and not being able to keep it at one spot”

“I hate the cellulite that I’ve gained from gaining weight and losing it, gaining weight and losing it and I want to get rid of it”

“I suffer with massive anxiety when it comes to clothes and fashion because I’m so self conscious of how I look and this needs to change”

These were all things that formed the WHAT and WHY of what Zoe wanted to change and achieve in her life and we did exactly that and SO much more.

She went from the average healthy eater with no real routine and consistency with what she was doing, was relying on the help of others and really felt she was stuck in a state of too much information from so many sources and not knowing how to piece it together to move forward…

Watch below to see and hear for yourself exactly how together as a team we turned things around for Zoe, restored her hope in what she could achieve after being stuck for so long and being limited by so much self doubt, and gave her a new lease on life!





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I did the exact same with Zoe too when she applied to work with me where we went nice and deep into where she was at, what her frustrations were, what she was struggling with, got clear on what her vision was for her health and fitness and it enables me to see if together we’re a good match and help me gain certainty as to if I can meet your needs to help you dominate your goals 🙂


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Until next time,

Angus of Boss Fitness