Enter the world of Wendy Thomas…

” I’ve had health issues that have held me back in the past and I want to overcome these for good”

“I want to have a body that I love and feel comfortable in anything that I wear without feeling self conscious”

” I want to be free of the downward emotional eating cycle that I’ve always been In”

¬†” I want a relationship with food and exercise that I can sustain to build something that I can keep going with in the long term”

These were just a few of the what’s and WHYs that formed the vision for Wendy that she had for her life and how she wanted to her future to look which we were well and truly able to acheive within a few months of working together.

She went from a ‘classic’ as I like to call it healthy eater who was in the cycle of eating as ‘clean’ as she could for a spell of days, would get bored of it, the have a binge/ blow out where the guilt would then kick in, she’d pick herself up to get back on the clean bandwagon and the cycle would repeat itself- thus being tied down my emotional eating and not seeing any progress…Plus being strapped for time and having no routine in place of how to exercise within her budy lifestyle that would trigger the results she desired.

She went on to become a thriving, full of joy and certainty woman who is in complete control of her relationship with food and exercise and has a new zing and zest for life with her rebuilt mindset and knowledge of fat loss too who feels unstoppable inside and out- plus she got her workouts done entirely at home amongst having 2o or 3 jobs with study ūüėČ

Listen in on the interview we had toether to hear for yourself exactly how together as a team we turned things around for Wendy, restored her hope in what she could achieve after being stuck for so long through her viscous emotional eating cycle, and being limited by so much self doubt through not liking whats he saw in the mirror, and gave her a new lease on life!




If the changes that we acheived within Wendy have inspired you as to what’s possible for you then I want you to do yourself a ¬†favour… ¬†Share in the comments section below what you loved most from hearing of Wendy’s story and get in touch with me for a free Dream Body Breakthrough Call by clicking HERE.



What we’ll do is exactly like what I did with Wendy,¬†where we’ll go nice and deep into where you’re at, what your¬†frsutrations and struggles are, what your current routine is like, get clear on what your vision is for your health and fitness, and it enables me to see if together we’re a good match and help me gain certainty as to if I can meet your needs to help you dominate your goals ūüôā

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Angus of Boss Fitness