Enter the world of Simone Kelley…

” I don’t want to lose weight anymore I want to lose fat and not look flat”

“I’m sick of doing so much cardio and getting no where”

” I want really good quality fitness and to have a body that reflects that which I can maintain”

 ” I don’t want to have to keep cutting out things to try and get results- I need a way that allows me to have flexibility and not stress about meal timing or when I’m eating carbs”


These were all virtual goals that formed the WHAT and WHY of what 25yo Simone was struggling with and wanted to change and achieve in her life, which we were able to do quicker than she expected which took allowed her to flourish and achieve so much more!


She went from being a busy shift worker who had a rigorous and random work schedule who was just trying to eating healthy, not knowing what to believe with all the conflicting info she was seeing all over the net, no direction in her workouts or real purpose with what she was doing to becoming a lean machine who’s now all but secured her place within the Australian Army- even passing the physical too!


Watch below to see and hear for yourself the awesome changes and transformation that occurred for Simone through my coaching, how her sense of hope for achieving her goals was restored and became reality, and how she’s now become a happier and healthier version of herself ready to tackle the next phases of life!


Simone was well and truly able to achieve everything we set out to achieve as you would’ve heard from her personal testimony and in the before and after photos that you’ll see below. She was a busy shift worker who was lost and stuck in a rut and through the right guidance and plan she was able to not only change her body and love herself again but also able to achieve her career goal of getting into the army which was MASSIVE for her and something she thought was off limits or that it could never be done…


If you’d like to take your own life to the next level and see what my online physique coaching is all about then click HERE to get amongst a free dream body breakthrough call with me Just like Simone did months back where we’ll go into some depth as to where you’re at, get clear on where you want to go in regard to your health and fitness vision, and why you’ve been stuck and see what isn’t working so that I can see how I can help you to succeed.

Or you’re welcome to connect with Simone personally for some real time access to her for questions etc by adding her on facebook HERE.

Thanks so much for tuning in.


Until next time,

Angus of Boss Fitness



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