Enter the world of the young vegetarian mother Bhavi Preetesh…

” I want to go from a size 16 to a size 10″

“I’m sick of seeing the reflection that I see staring back at me when I see myself in the mirror”

” I want to have a healthy relationship with food and stop dieting- I hate cutting out things as it keeps causing me to binge eat”

 ” I hate feeling restricted and self conscious in life, my body image is holding me back from doing so many things in life and I want this to stop”


These were all virtual goals that formed the WHAT and WHY of what vegetarian mother Bhavi was struggling with and wanted to change and achieve in her life, which we were able to do and achieve a true inside out transformation that she knows she’ll be able to sustain for many years to come…

Why? Because we didn’t do anything that was hard or restrictive.


Bhavi went from being unhappy with her body image, feeling trapped in a viscious food cycle that would have her restricting herself far too much, getting bored or something come up after a few days where she would binge and that would turn into an all out blow-out for a few days, with her then feeling guilty and doing the old ‘I’ll start again on monday’ was of thinking, and this would pan out over and over.

What made it especially hard for Bhavi was the fact that with her bing vegetarian she just couldn’t lose body fat and could only ever find herself losing muscle and never being able to get ‘toned’. Together as a team we took her from this place and got her to a thriving lean and mean version of herself who now enjoys food freedom every day and feels in a state of total control of certainty!


Watch below to see and hear for yourself the awesome changes and transformation that occurred for Bhabi through my coaching, how her sense of hope for achieving her goals was restored and became reality, and how she’s now become everything that she had been trying to achive for so long going at it by herself…




Bhaviwas well and truly able to achieve everything we set out to achieve together as you would’ve heard from her personal testimony with her saying that THIS HAS CHANGED HER LIFE FOREVER. She was a super busy, stuck in a rut, confused and pretty much frazzled mother as to how to move forward, and through the right guidance and plan she was able to not only change her body and love herself again but also able to achieve deep inner self love which many women will never find!


If you’d like to take your own life to the next level and see what my online physique coaching is all about then click HERE to get amongst a free dream body breakthrough call with me Just like myself and Bhavi did months back where we’ll go into some depth as to where you’re at, get clear on where you want to go in regard to your health and fitness vision, and why you’ve been stuck and see what isn’t working so that I can see how I can help you to succeed.

Or if you want to connect with Bhavi personally to ask her some questions in real time, you can add her as a friend on Facebook and get chatting with her HERE

Thanks so much for reading/ watching!


Until next time,

Angus of Boss Fitness