In the following video, I interview one of my AMAZING physique coaching clients Serena, who managed to finally achieve her goal of having a tight and toned body…all while travelling for work and maintaining a social lifestyle eating out when she wanted.

In this interview we discuss key things that Serena did to break her binge and restrict cycle with food, reshape her mindset around exercise so that she was pumped for each and every workout she did, and everything in between.

The thing I love most about this interview is that you can see exactly what was real for Serena in what she shares about how my coaching helped her to truly achieve the breakthroughs she needed, and streamline her success to what she was starting to think was out of her reach before we had crossed paths.

Will you be next?

Click on the video below to access our live interview together, and scroll to the bottom to see Serena’s before and after photos.



Would you like to achieve what Serena has and take yourself to that awesome tight and toned body without having to boot your social lifestyle?

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