All diets work…

It’s just a matter of sticking to one long enough to get the results you want, and then being able to keep it up thereafter to maintain the success you achieved.

You’ve likely seen body transformations and success stories plastered across social media with the results people have achieved which are inspiring AF, but you never see any of the person 6 months or a year after…

Why’s that? Because 9 times out of 10 the person gained a heap of weight back because they couldn’t maintain and keep up the demands of the diet, or couldn’t afford the heap of supps they were taking anymore, and therefore they reverted back to old habits, and landed themselves in shitty eating habits again, and back on the hamster wheel of hunting for the next diet, and so on, and so on.

This was the reality for Kathryn. She’d been through all that shit and was lost without a clue how to move forward. With my help we pretty much changed her life, and I touched base with her 13 months after the transformation she achieved to prove that she’s maintained what she achieved, and so that you can learn the game changers that she experienced that allowed her to achieve the success she did.

Click below to watch the full video, and gain insight into Kathryn’s epic journey of personal growth, gains, and success!



Holy shit right? 
Kathryn is an absolute BOSS, and now truly is free from the dieting game, the nutrition BS, all the confusion and contradicting info, and will continue to be a lean machine into the future because she’s been shown how to master fat loss properly.

I haven’t share this with you to toot my own horn, but to show you what’s actually possible when you set your foundations right, and have the proper means in place to be able to kill it.

Flexible fat loss is the way of the future, and it WILL become the norm and mainstream means for people to master their health and take full control over their body recomposition. Conventional dieting methods and standard clean eating etc will become a thing of the past as people realise that it doesn’t solve their problems and won’t be the vessel to allow them to achieve their full potential.

Feeling inspired by Kathryn’s success and want to join our Boss Fitness community to take your success and results to the next level?

Yeah of course you are, you’ve just seen proof that it CAN be done, it just comes down to how important your goals are to you, and if you’re willing to step up and commit to making your goals become your reality! Let’s tee up for an Alpha breakthrough call together just like I did with Kathryn 13 months ago when our paths first crossed which you can get amongst for free by clicking HERE. Or you can even get in touch with the wonder woman herself Kathryn via facebook to touch base and ask some extra Qs just HERE.

What’s that, you don’t want actual coaching but just want a kickass plan and means to master the flexible fat loss basics within your own time? My 8 week mini shred might be the stepping stone forward for you which you can check out HERE. 


Thanks so much for tuning in,

Angus of Boss Fitness