I’m an early riser.

Always have been, always will be. I know this doesn’t suit everyone as many people are night owls which I personally suck at being, but I find I’m a lot more productive through the whole day if I’m up early, and amongst the action getting it done as the sun comes up.

I don’t find it easy though – the temptation to press snooze and go back to sleep is REAL especially when the cold and dark winter months are in town.

Trouble is, I know if I let myself sleep through, I’ll just go through the motions of the day, not really get anything done, and likely will be playing catch up for the rest of the day or just call it a write off.

So I have a few key things I need to do every morning as part of a routine or ritual if you will to make sure the above happens as minimal as possible.

They’re sort of my rules of owning every morning I guess. If I don’t stick to them, then I’m letting myself down and not playing full out.

Click to watch the video below so that you’re in the know of how to own and dominate every day LIKE A BOSS and become a morning person.



Each and every day is an opportunity to move forward and take charge so that you can take steps closer toward your goals.

Being within your own element is powerful, meaning if you feel out of flow and find yourself half assed doing everything then from the core you need to change and start implementing what I shared in the video so that you stop just going through the motions and start THRIVING rather than just existing.

Through smashing out the above and building a habit from it you’ll be able to wake up determined, and you’ll go to bed satisfied knowing that in some way, shape, or form, you’re going to be better than who you were yesterday!

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Have some more questions about becoming a morning person or would like to share what you found most valuable from this post? Drop a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going.

Thanks so much for tuning in, see you next time!

Angus of Boss Fitness