I’m absolutely lovinggggg watching the Life Hack videos that come up on my social media news feed.

The videos feature some cool things like how you can use a coat hanger in heaps of ways, the best way to peel a banana, and how to use a paper clip to wrap your iPhone headphones around preventing them from becoming a jumble mess the next time you use them. 

 These hacks are legit and absolutely amazing.
Seems the health and fitness industry has tried to jump on the bandwagon. Yeah cool story Angus….

Stick with me. There’s a crazy amount of these health and fat loss hacks that are complete BS. Things like eat your food on a blue plate will help you eat less, drink apple cider vinegar each day upon waking, and go gluten free to amp up your metabolism to aid faster results.

I want to share with you 5 fat loss life hacks that I personally live by, that make the art of fat loss absolute child’s play for me. Click below to watch the video!



You now have the means to hack your fat loss journey to make it far easier than it is for you currently. 

Fat loss shouldn’t be hard. Your food choices shouldn’t be boring. You shouldn’t be feeling restricted or boxed in by rules. And you definitely should be seeing results all but on a weekly basis from your efforts and consistency.

Oh shit?! You’re not feeling like I said above and the journey is actually hard for you, you’re feeling lost, and not seeing the fruits from all your hustle? Lets put an end to that shall we. Get in touch for a free dream body call with me HERE and I’ll help out as best I can just like I did for the load of ladies you see in the photo below 🙂

Thanks for tuning in!
Angus of Boss Fitness