You’re in the final stretch of 2016, you’ve hustled like a Boss this year, and it’s easy to just throw up your hands and say, “F*ck it, I don’t care about my macros anymore, I’m pigging out until 2017.”

Yeah I hear you. I really do. A couple or few days of total indulgence of glorious festive foods isn’t going to kill you, but in all honesty, the holidays don’t take place over one or two days.

Instead, what usually goes down is a full four to six weeks of eating desserts, cheese platters, soft drinks, wine, fruit mince pies, working out less/ not at all, and drinking sugar-loaded cocktails that make you feel sluggish and bloated, and generally unprepared to face the new year with any healthy plans whatsoever. In other words you’ve basically embodied IDGAF mode, you’re heavier, you’re demotivated, and if you don’t get yourself out of this potential slump soon, then 2017 isn’t looking good for it to be the year you achieve your dream body…

What I’m going to share with you in the video below, will help you beat the statistics of christmas weight gain without dieting, or being a christmas Nazi who says no to everything out of fear of gaining weight. ENJOY!



So there we go! 5 tips to beat the christmas weight gain EASILY, hope you enjoyed those!

Question is are you going to become one of the stats of people who gain 2-5 kilos over the christmas season who gets faced with having to lose it come new year, only to fail those new years resolutions come the end of January?

OR are you going to be an action taker who applies what I’ve taught you here and puts it all to good use? The choice is yours!

Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you’d like to get in touch with me to see if and how I can help you dominate your fat loss goals in 2017 and beyond, click HERE and I’ll be in touch to organise a 1-1 breakthrough call with you worth $500, for free of course given it is the season to be jolly after all 😉

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Much love and festive blessings,

Angus of Boss Fitness